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Classroom Auction

The 3-Reeves Classroom Auction was created to provide an incentive for students to follow the Superstar Code of showing Respect and being a Responsible person inside and outside the classroom. 

For 20 years, many "Superstars" have assisted us by providing many autographed pictures, awards, books, notes, and even a television script (Secret World of Alex Mack)!

We have had many incredible supporters including Michael Jordan and Jumpman, the Chicago White Sox, Bears, Black Hawks and Cubs.  We have also had many actors including Denzel Washington, James Earl Jones, John Travolta, and the main characters from the Harry Potter Movies (and more!).  We have had numerous entertainers, musicians, authors, amd even teachers!  

Students earn "Bent Bucks" by showing respect to their peers, upholding the Bent Superstar Code, and reading books and completing a short book report. 

Four times a year we hold our auction, and it has been a huge success!  We thank everyone for their contributions to the 3-R auction. 

We are hoping for another great year of receiving incredible items!