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Social Studies

Our Social Studies series is from Teacher's Curriculum Institute called Social Studies Alive!

The version we use in third grade is called Our Community and Beyond.

Chapter One
Where in the World is Our Community?

Chapter Two
Where in the United States is Our Community?

Chapter Three
What is the Geography of Our Community?

Chapter Four
How Do People Become Part of Our Country?

Chapter Five
What Makes Our Community Diverse?

Chapter Six
How Do People Improve Their Communities?

Chapter Seven
How Are We Alike Around the World?

Chapter Eight
How Does Our Economy Work?

Chapter Nine
How Does Global Trade Affect Our Community?

Chapter Ten
What Are the Public Services in Our Community?

Chapter Eleven
Who Works at City Hall?

Chapter Twelve
How Do We Have a Voice in Our Community?

Chapter Thirteen
Whose Planet Is It, Anyway?

Chapter Fourteen
How Can We Help the Global Community?