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One School, One Book

One School, One Book
The Wild Robot

Wild Robot Front Cover

Oakland School is excited to announce that we are participating in an all-school book club called One School, One BookTM. Today your child received a copy of the novel The Wild Robot by Peter Brown as a gift for your family to read aloud together. We encourage you to join our Oakland community of students, families, and staff members in this reading adventure!  


Purpose & Plan 

The Wild Robot is a novel that can be followed, understood, and enjoyed by younger students, but will still captivate and stimulate older children. Because we aim to build a community of readers at Oakland School, teachers will be reading the novel aloud at school and students will be participating in comprehension activities. Families are welcome to re-read the chapters at home, engage their child in conversation about the story, view trivia videos online, and/or complete book extension activities at home. Younger grades will be sending the book home today, while older grade students will be keeping the novel at school to read during the next several weeks. At every grade level, the required reading will be done at school with teacher guidance.  


Reading Schedule 
Because this is meant to be a shared experience, the schedule below has been created to keep readers on track with our reading. Our hope is that families and friends will be in similar places in the book as we enjoy the story together.  



Week of January 10

Chapters 1 – 18

Week of January 17

Chapters 19-31

Week of January 24

Chapters 32-44

Week of January 31

Chapters 45-54

Week of February 7

Chapters 55-67

Week of February 14

Chapters 68-80


 Additional Activities 

  • Virtual Assemblies - Students will enjoy virtual kickoff and wrap-up assemblies at the beginning and end of our all-school read. There will be lots of drama and excitement! 
  • Trivia Questions - At school, students will be invited to answer trivia questions along with participating in classroom discussions and activities. 
  • Adventures with Roz - The main character of The Wild Robot is a robot named Roz.  Students are invited to color and construct a Roz of their own using the attached page.  We’d love to see your photos of your child’s robot and the adventures they have with her.  You can email photos to your child’s teacher.  
  • Family Activities Website - Check out this website for activities you can do with your family to connect with the concepts of The Wild Robot at home: .  This website will be updated throughout the reading experience, so be sure to bookmark it and check back often!

We hope you will enjoy this special reading time with your family and the rest of our Oakland community. Throughout the next few weeks, everyone will be talking about The Wild Robot!


Wild Robot Kickoff Video


The Wild Robot Trivia

 Week #1 Trivia

Week #2 Trivia

Week #3 Trivia

Week #4 Trivia (Chapters #35-54)

Week #5 Trivia (Chapters #55-62)

Week #6 Trivia (Chapters #63-71)

Week #7 Trivia (Chapters #72-80)