• BJHS Track and Field Schedule

    Monday - Friday 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM  


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    BJHS Track and Field Protocols for Attendance, Discipline, and Eligibility 

    Attendance Protocols:

    Attendance at all practices is expected. If you are unable to attend practice due to an illness, medical appointment or family emergency, you or your parent or guardian must notify a coach prior to the practice to be missed.  Regular practice attendance is a factor that will be used to determine meet eligibility and unapproved absences may result in less competitive meet opportunities.  Practices the day immediately prior to a meet are especially important as critical information is often reviewed during this pre-meet practice.  Please ask one of your coaches if you need any additional information or have specific questions regarding practice attendance policies.


    We expect track athletes to uphold the highest levels of conduct while at school and during practice. The following protocol will be used to address egregious violations of school codes of conduct:

    Incident 1: Conversation with student and parent notification

    Incident 2: Conference with student and parent - Possible meet suspension

    Incident 3: Possible removal from the team


    Please make sure to stay academically eligible. Eligibility is posted by teachers on Friday afternoon and runs Saturday through Saturday. Failure in just one class makes you ineligible for the entire week. Three incidences of ineligibility will result in removal from the team. Please let your coaches know if you are struggling with any of your classes and we will work with you to help support you!