• A Beautiful Career Choice


    It is a beautiful thing when a Career and Passion come together!

     There is beauty in everyone and you can help find it using your own creativity, style, and fashion sense in a cosmetology career.  Attending Hairmasters through Bloomington Area Career Center is the first step towards a career that has a wide range of opportunities.

    The demand is greater than ever for a cosmetologist. 

     What will my class be like?

     As a cosmetologist, you'll devote your talents to making others look their best. You'll keep pace with the fashion world through practice, instructor demonstrations, and working on mannequins. The cosmetology industry offers many options for personal growth, with limitless career paths from which to choose. Students attend Hairmasters which is a Pivot Point Legacy School. While attending, students demonstrate competencies in two of the five classroom modules needed for the required Illinois State Board Exam.  All students will focus on one module in the first year and another module in the second year. Classes will also attend the Midwest Beauty Show in Chicago, IL where they are able to network with over 50,000 hair, skin, and nail professionals.



    Program Description

    Module One will consist of styling hair in a wet and dry state. Training on manikins will develop an understanding of the shape of the head.  Observation will be made of different ways of styling long and short hair.  These methods may include braiding, curling, straightening, up and down styles, and many more. Students then practice these methods until they have mastered these techniques based upon industry standards.

    Module Two will consist of understanding the texture of the hair.  This will include adding and removing texture to hair, as well as multicultural texture reformation.  Observation will be made of different ways of perming using different chemicals and rod styles and relaxing hair using different chemical relaxers.  Students then practice these methods until they have mastered these techniques based upon industry standards. All hours accumulated during the student’s time at BACC Hairmasters Cosmetology are credited towards the completion of the 1,500 hour course and licensure.

    Second-year students may also attend extra hours on Saturday and attend night school to complete their certification early.  The Bloomington Area Career Center will pay for one night school class and may pay for some Saturday hours. 


     Employment Opportunities

    • Color/Perm Specialist
    • Hair Designer
    • Hair Stylist
    • Make-up Artist
    • Platform Artist
    • Product Representative
    • Salon Owner or Manager
    • TV/Movie Studio Artist

    Bloomington Area Career Center and Hairmaster would like you to see what success you can be!

    Congratulations to Rebekah Hagberg, who placed 11th in the WorldSkills Competition in Russia in 2019!!

    Contact Information

    Julie Fritzsche email:  fritzschej@district87.org
    Patty Hardman email: hardmanp@district87.org
    Taylor Burns email: burnst@district87.org