• Kindergarten through fifth grade check books out from the Library Media Center each week.  All library books are due one week from the day they are checked out.

    Kindergarten students will begin to check out one book each week beginning the middle of September.  An informational letter will come home with students to further explain our book check out and return procedures.

    1st Grade:
    First grade students will check out one book per week. This year students learn to use shelf-markers and choose books from the bookshelves in the Everybody (picture book) and Easy Non-fiction sections.

    2nd Grade:
    Second grade students will check out one book at a time this year.  Students will check books out from the Everybody, Easy Non-Fiction and Juvenile sections this year.  Second graders who earn a Lexile score of 300 or higher will earn a Blue Dot on their library card indicating that they are ready for the chapter books in the Blue Dot/Juvenile section.  Open Book Check Out (OBCO) is also available to second grade students for the first time this year.  This means, your child no longer has to wait until library day to come check out books! Each day there will be a scheduled OBCO time and students who return their library books will be able to come get another one on days that it works into their homeroom teacher's schedule.

    3rd-5th Grade:
    Third, fourth, and fifth grade students check out two books each week. One book selection is a free choice and can be anything that interests them, while the other book has to be a good fit book within their Lexile range (100 points above and below their actual Lexile score).  Third through fifth graders are able to check books out from any section in our library except for the Teacher Resource section. Open Book Check Out will be provided each day to students who have returned their books before their scheduled library day in addition to students that need to renew one or both of their books.  If a student has one overdue book, they will not be permitted to check an additional book out until the late book is returned or renewed.