A/B Remote Student Days 

    Month of November

    Thursday, November 12th- B Day

    Friday, November 13th- A Day

    Monday, November 16th- B Day

    Tuesday, November 17th- A Day

    Wednesday, November 18th- B Day

    Thursday, November 19th- A Day

    Friday, November 20th- B Day

    Monday, November 23rd- A Day

    Tuesday, November 24th- B Day

    Wednesday, November 25th- No School

    Thursday, November 26th- No School

    Friday, November 27th-No School

    Monday, November 30th- A Day



    Month of December

    Tuesday, December 1st- B Day

    Wednesday, December 2nd- A Day

    Thursday, December 3rd- B Day

    Friday, December 4th- A Day

    Monday, December 7th- B Day

    Tuesday, December 8th- A Day

    Wednesday, December 9th- B Day

    Thursday, December 10th- A Day

    Friday, December 11th- B Day

    Monday, December 14th- A Day

    Tuesday, December 15th- B Day

    Wednesday, December 16th- A Day

    Thursday, December 17th- B Day

    Friday, December 18th- A Day