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6th, 7th & 8th Grade Visual Arts



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jennifer Baker


I grew up in Wisconsin & Indiana.  I have lived in apartments, trailer parks, dorms & houses because we move A LOT when I was younger! I now live in Bloomington (the longest I have lived anywhere) with my husband, son & daughter. I LOVE going to art museums, watching movies, traveling, playing D&D, and hanging out with my family. Things I believe: winter is better than summer, snow is better than sand & art museums can teach us how to be better humans.

2007 Associates in Art from Heartland Community College

2010 B.S. Art Education and Ceramic Arts from Illinois State University

2012 M.A. Art Education from Illinois State University

What We Will Do In Art

6th grade is all about the basics! We get you ready to pursue higher-level art classes by providing a strong foundation in drawing, color theory, and slab-built ceramic vessels. 

7th grade is all about media and making! You will take a deep dive into animation and create your own stop motion film.  We also cover architectural design, specific techniques in colored pencil, grid drawing, and ceramic surface decoration.  All along the way, we focus on careers in the arts.

8th grade is all about you! This is the year you will become the artist! WE use a wide variety of materials and processes to produce artwork that reflects your specfici memories, thoughts, identity, and feelings.